Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Top Ten Blogs

Here's my entry.

1. Teacher Gee - I'm a Teacher Too
2. So far, so good - Informative
3. Rising Sun - Informative
4. My Filipino Wedding - Informative
5. Life is Good - Interesting
6. Here's to Life - Interesting
7. goodness graciousness- Interesting
8. C5's How to Solve the Problem - Informative
9. Career Ramblings - Informative
10.My Tech Life - Informative

Thank You Lord

Thank You Lord

Lord, I thank You most sincerely
For all the blessings You showered me.

My family and I altogrther adore
You My hopes and fears I offer You.

I thank You too for my friends and kins
For their love, understanding and camaraderie.

I do thank You too for forgiving my faults,
My weaknesses and my waywardness.

Hopefully I could serve You in the way You want
For the rest of my life.